David Gittelman

Real Estate Agent
Upon Dave's first visit to Costa Rica in 2004 he was enamored with the country and the people.    After his 4th trip to Costa Rica in 2009 Dave was committed to making the move full time.  His previous 18 years were spent living in Santa Cruz, CA while establishing a successful business as one of the premier mountain bike shops in the world; and enjoying a wonderful lifestyle.  Fortunately the Costa Ballena has continued to enhance Dave's life and provided him with a beautiful wife and two young sons. Dave joined the Dominical Property team in 2017 to utilize numerous years of local area Real Estate expertise and Business Management background to provide professional services for our clients.   His knowledge of the area, current and past Real Estate market, as well as, an overall understanding of investment and finance make Dave a vital resource for any customer.   Dave looks forward to providing each client with honest and professional representation and is eager to share his excitement for Costa Rica and the beauty the Costa Ballena offers all of us. Dave is a SUGEF certified Realtor in Costa Rica.
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