Rod Martin

Real Estate Agent
Rod "Tigre" Martin was born and raised in California's Silicon Valley. He graduated from Cal Poly SLO (B.A. English) and then San Francisco State University (Music and Recording Program). He had a successful career in high tech working with the international marketing team at Creative Labs. It was during his time traveling to Singapore and Thailand that he discovered his love for the tropics. He first visited Costa Rica in 2002 spending time on both coasts and the Central Valley. He fell in love with the people and the climate, both warm and inviting. He visited Costa Rica every year after that first visit. He obtained his California Realtor® license in 2006, but he just couldn't shake the idea of living in that tropical paradise. As the 2007 global downturn loomed large, Rod decided to move to Costa Rica full time and is a permanent resident. He found a job as a real estate agent right away, and he obtained his CCCBR (real estate) license. He became a part owner in the real estate company Guys In The Zone and, over the next 6 years, navigated the complexities of Costa Rica real estate and the Spanish language. He then moved on to another prominent real estate company and even recorded an episode of House Hunters International "High Hopes on the Costa Ballena" in 2016.  Rod is also is a SUGEF registered Realtor in Costa Rica. Rod joined the Dominical Property team in 2017. Inspired by his marketing and graphic design background, he enjoys bringing new listings to market. He also enjoys meeting new people looking to invest in property. When asked what he enjoys the most about real estate he said, "It's pretty simple... my focus is on helping people. If I do a good job of that, I am successful."
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